Tyler, The Creator proves he’s at the top of his game with ‘Who Dat Boy’

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Tyler, the Creator returns with not one, but two new singles ahead of his third solo album Flower Boy. Whilst he’s hardly been quiet since the 2015 release Cherry Bomb, this is the first solo material we’ve had from the man himself in what feels like an eternity.

Of the two singles, if ‘911/Mr Lonely’ is the tender and softer side of Tyler, then it only makes sense that ‘Who Dat Boy’ was released simultaneously to remind us all that Tyler can and will absolutely destroy the mic without hesitation. The ominous echoing, horror movie-esque intro has the blood pumping in a reflex manner. Darkly-tinged beats are familiar territory for Tyler, the Creator but this screams ‘I’m fucking back’ in a way that hasn’t had me so pumped since they brought back blue smarties. This makes ‘WHAT THE FUCK RIGHT NOW’ – also featuring A$AP Rocky conveniently enough – look positively mellow. This makes ‘CHERRY BOMB’ sound like a hymn and ‘DEATHCAMP’ seem appropriate to sing to your child to get them to sleep.

A$AP Rocky’s verse is straight up fire and the vocals in the hook are just explosive. It’s a feature that is warranted, and A$AP proves his worth on the track with an effortless and laid back flair. With an equally disturbing and wonderfully weird music video to match, one which is quite visually arresting and cinematic in many ways, it’s Tyler being the creative genius that he always is.

Utterly inimitable and unflinchingly himself, Tyler shows us that despite having his fingers in more than a few honey pots, with features on some big name tracks recently, the annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, the continuation of his hugely successful clothing line, festival performances and general franchise related business, he hasn’t lost his spirit or raw power to captivate and blow the roof off. If this and the sister track ‘911/Mr Lonely’ are anything to go by, then sign me the fuck up for Flower Boy. The world eagerly awaits your next move, Tyler.