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Meet Flyte,  in my opinion, the next big thing, a four piece making funky, absurdly melodic dream-pop as if that’s the thing they were meant to do. It’s pop music with flavour, with feeling, it’s done so well in each and every aspect of it’s being. It’s delectable. Their music has the memory of Talking Heads about it, as well as their own irresistible stamp; no one out there currently sounds like Flyte.

Earlier tracks such as ‘Light Me Up‘ and ‘Chasing Heaven’ show Flyte at their most delicate, with lyrics about the mundanity of having a steady job and coming home late on a Friday night, they’re just like you or I. One of my personal favourites is ‘We Are The Rain‘, another irresistible track,  with swirling synths and harmonies so sweet you’d be wary of toothache. Flyte are a band already fully formed, primped for their inevitable break out when they eventually drop their long awaited debut.

Each time I have been lucky enough to see Flyte play live, I have had my mind blown by how tight they are musically, it’s a flawless display of musicianship, they own their sound and stage. Their harmonies are unlike anything I have ever heard, they are so utterly sublime; their voices perfect for one another, like all those clichéd perfect combinations but better. Head over to their Facebook to check out their covers, especially the Radiohead one, to really appreciate what I’m talking about, it’s honestly strikingly beautiful. It’s easy to spot the band’s influences, ranging from The Beatles to Carole King in everything they’ve released, but again, Flyte also have their own, developed sound. It’s as if these four lads from London stumbled into each other and decided to make jaunty, jerky pop music together and without much tinkering, it worked. Despite this, it’s easy to see how much work Flyte must put into their music, it’s full to the brim with passion; just as art should be.

Most recent releases such as ‘Please Eloise‘ show how far they’ve come, the whole thing makes you want to dance, eyes closed, smile wide and arms outstretched – then you listen to the lyrics, and it’s seemingly about eating disorders, and you get brought back down to Earth. Often with Flyte their lyrics are exceedingly clever and heartfelt, it’s brilliant song writing. Although it is simple guitar music, it’s clever and different, which is so utterly refreshing at a time where boys with electric guitars are clustering the scene with their copycat sounds, Flyte offer something interesting. From what I can tell too, a lot of their recording is done using analogue techniques, for example, recording directly on to tape, giving it an unique, old-school sound, matching their super-8 style videos. They look and sound like they’re out of the late 70s or early 80s but at the same time, they sound like the future. It’s song-writing and music that falls under the bracket of ‘intelligent’, it’s pretty and all encompassing.

They deserve to be heard, they deserve to be huge, because they are just that good. Flyte haven’t put a foot wrong yet, release after release improving and their live shows immaculate and joyous. Catch them while you can and watch them grow and blow up.

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by Rachel Tindall