Spotlight: Affairs

In Spotlight by Amy O'Callaghan


Often, many up and coming indie bands run into the issue of “sameness”, utilising the same tired old guitar and drums combo complete with an Alex Turner-wannabe lead singer to produce the same old stereotypical indie tracks. With regards to Manchester-based band Affairs, during the first few seconds of their latest offering, Life of Leisure, I thought they had the same problem, but thankfully soon realised I was very wrong.

Quickly revealing a distinctive synth-infused sound that is completely permeated with eighties nostalgia, the addition of a deep baritone from the lead singer ultimately provides us with something that hearkens to the likes of The Smiths and Future Islands – ambient and almost cheerful sounding with sombre lyrics. Following the success of their Stained Gold EP, this latest offering has been aided by their new label, Fierce Panda (Coldplay, Deathcab for Cutie, Placebo), as well as producer James Kenosha (Birdy, Dry the River) who helped fine-tune and polish their already distinctive sound.

While their sound can be likened to many, Affairs still manages to stand-out from the crowd and I’m thoroughly looking forward to seeing what they do in 2017.


Make sure to check out the video for Life of Leisure below!

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By Amy O’Callaghan/ @Amylouioc