Stone Sour release two new tracks ahead of their 6th studio album

In Single Reviews by Jake Leonard

Stone Sour serve up two new tracks that prove they are capable of commandeering both ends of the rock spectrum.

Almost a year ago I had the pleasure of seeing Corey Taylor live. He promised that he would release new Stone Sour music in about a year’s time and I’m incredibly happy that he kept that promise. “It’s only rock and roll but I like it” says Taylor in the first single Fabuless and I couldn’t agree more. The Stone Sour sound ranges from the deeply emotional Bother and Through Glass right through to the thumping riffs of 30/30-150 and Do Me A Favour, so fans had absolutely no idea what to expect from the new singles. At long last they have returned, with pure rock and roll is on the agenda.

The band teased fans before the release of Fabuless with cryptic posts on their social media, revealing small lyrical snippets to ramp up the anticipation. Fabuless does an excellent job of showcasing what modern rock and roll is all about. From Taylor’s vicious lyrics and powerful voice to the crashing snares of Mayorga’s drums, it really is the full package. The song maintains a delicate balance between heavy guitar riffs and melodic vocals in the chorus, yet I do feel that Martucci is capable of far more in terms of his guitar playing and it does seem that Stone Sour misses former guitarist Jim Root, who brought such a unique spin to each song.

Song #3 is very much at the other end of the band’s musical spectrum, tackling more emotional themes. What pleased me most was the confirmation that the band could write a more melodic rock piece without diluting the sound that really makes Stone Sour who they are. Taylor’s voice remains full and immersive; although I prefer the first single, the sincere vocals of Song #3 may well be among the best in Taylor’s 20 year career with Stone Sour. The overall tone draws comparison to the excellent Audio Secrecy album, so really it should not come as a surprise that Stone Sour have once again delivered on the more profound, emotional side of their music.

Stone Sour’s new album lands this June and if these two songs are anything to go by, it will go down as one of the band’s best.

Words from Joe Rowley.