The Japanese House release the first taster from their upcoming EP

In Single Reviews by Rachel Chandler

With an upcoming UK tour now fast approaching, it seemed only right that The Japanese House release the first song Saw You in a Dream from the forthcoming EP.

Saw You in a Dream perfectly encapsulates the feeling of heartbreak in the most desolate and dreamy sounds. Anyone who has gone through a break up can easily relate to your unconscious mind’s unrelenting reminders of the person that you most want to forget. It’s simple and catchy, with on the mark lyrics. The whole thing seems like awakening in the early hours from a sadness tinged dream of an ex and the melancholic musings of your brain catching up with what’s happened.

Having said that, there’s a bittersweet elation found in the softly plucked guitars. It possesses the kind of naivety of first love and the subsequent anguish; everything feels kind of empty and numb, with only echoes of emotion remaining. The firm lack of pronouns also aids in making the song all the more relatable, whilst simultaneously upholding the inherently androgynous feel that most of The Japanese House songs have. It’s the dichotomy between knowing that you should move on and pretending you’re over it when you’re actually not.

The composition is delightfully smart, leading from a floaty intro to an abrupt ending, tying off the song nicely allowing it to be all too easy to play on a loop.

Saw You in a Dream really is a celebration of simplicity in its finest form, with a palpable warmth and softness. The warped harmonies in parts contribute to the dream-like aspect too, as the title would suggest. Roll on the next EP.