Frank Ocean drops smooth new collaborative effort ‘Biking’

In Single Reviews by Rachel Chandler

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Frank Ocean teams up with Jay Z and Tyler the Creator to record a surefire summer classic.

Frank Ocean proves once again that he is the king of spontaneous releases with the drop of his latest single, ‘ Tastylia Order 20 MG Biking‘, on Blonded Radio. Unlike the raw power of ‘Chanel’, ‘Biking’ flows gently like a breeze on a summers day. In a sort of pass the mic style, we get wonderful verses from Jay Z and Tyler the Creator in turn, with Frank’s ever present vocals welding the song together beautifully.

For a laid-back track that mimics the leisurely turning of pedals and wheels on a bike, the explosive outpouring from Frank in the final moments sees the descent. If the body of the track – Tyler and Jay Z’s verses – are the winding, scenic path along a tree laden mountain, then those closing moments are the pure ecstasy of hurtling down the hill, feet off the pedals with no control and pure freedom. It retains the darker and more self-reflective themes that ‘Blonde’ dwelt on, but gives in to a childlike playfulness in its very essence.

The collaborative effort oils the wheels that make this track so inherently ‘Frank Ocean’, but exciting and fresh; a dichotomy of the more carefree and youthful ponderings on Frank’s ‘Nostalgia Ultra’ mixtape and the moodier musings of late. Either way, what’s certain is that anything Ocean releases right now post ‘Blonde’ is better than the resounding silence that stretched four years after the release of ‘Channel Orange’. Always good to hear you, Frank.