Shopping Vintage: Sheffield

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We checked out vintage stores in Sheffield to bring you the best of what this wonderful city has to offer. From Versace suits to 90’s sweats, we’re here to help you find the best spots to shop.


MOOCH (@moochvintage)
A wonderful store which specialises in ‘true vintage’. When entering Mooch, you get a real sense of the fact that you’re receiving a genuine vintage experience. With packed rails and an overwhelming collection of great items, make sure you have enough time to thoroughly look at each rail because there are many hidden gems to be found here.

What product can you never have enough of?
“90’s sweatshirts and denim jackets always sell.”

Particular period of time that you cater to?
“As our focus is ‘True Vintage’ we sell a lot of genuine 60’s and 70’s items, however we cover pretty much every era you’d expect to find.”


VULGAR (@vulgarshop)
Vulgar is a vibrant and colourful store. They also stock a great selection of designer wear (via designer dealer @thesavagesister) including Versace, DG, Burberry, YSL and more. It’s apparent in Vulgar that stock is carefully selected; the quality over quantity aspect of this store is what makes it a personal favourite.

Best known for?
Floral sundresses, colourful denim and the best selection of handpicked vintage designer pieces in Sheffield.


THRIFTY STORE (@thriftystoresheffield)
Thrifty Store is huge – it’s the sort of vintage store you would need a whole afternoon to fully delve into what it has to offer. With a combination of contemporary clothing and true vintage, they offer a vast selection of primarily 80’s/90’s and early 00’s clothing: from sports luxe 90’s sweats to the classic Levi 501 jeans. A very popular spot among students as the prices are always reasonable and they host frequent kilo sales.

What can you expect to find?
Rails and rails of second hand clothing that are worth sifting through in order to find some wonderful hidden gems.


RED SWEATER & FLORAL SKIRT: Outfit from Vulgar
ORANGE 70’s: Outfit from Mooch Vintage
90’s SLIP DRESS: Dress from Thrifty Store
YELLOW DENIM: Outfit from Vulgar (VERSACE via The Savage Sister)
GREEN SUIT: Outfit from Vulgar (VERSACE via The Savage Sister)
RED LEATHER: Top from Mooch Vintage, leather trousers model’s own.
D&G: Outfit from Vulgar (D&G, Burberry via The Savage Sister)
BERET & T-SHIRT: Top from Thrifty Store, jeans from Vulgar

Words & Photography: Ella Singleton-Redmond
Model: Amelia Travis