Samantha Urbani’s new single is a masterwork of synthpop

In Single Reviews by Rachel Chandler



This isn’t a drill, it’s really happening… Samantha Urbani finally dropped that long awaited and yearned for solo material. Honestly it’s the single I’ve been waiting for since 2012, with the exception of ‘1 2 3 4’ (the 2015 release which only served to fuel the flames of desire for more Urbani solo material). She’s a singer who consistently ranks as one of my firm favourites since first hearing those dulcet tones crooning on ‘Friend Crush’. I could sing praises for the majestic Urbani all day, but onwards to the track itself, her proffered entrance into the upcoming EP titled Policies of Power.

Now I’m not sure entirely what I was expecting, but it actually wasn’t this. Perhaps I was geared up for a funky fresh carefree sound akin to ‘Friends’, but I got something marvellously different yet discernibly familiar. Like seeing an old friend after 10 years of separation, things have understandably changed, but that ‘ness’ that makes them them remains. ‘Go Deeper’ is synthy and dreamy and retains the staples that made ‘Manifest!’ – the singular album she and magnificent and sorely missed band Friends created back in 2012 – beyond brilliant and to this day one of my favourite albums.

In her new single ‘Go Deeper’, Urbani’s voice is stunning as always, gliding effortlessly over the twisting and turning beast of a song that lulls and jars you, manipulating you in the smoothest possible way. It feels quintessentially 80’s and I mean that as an emphatic compliment, although I fail to see how that could ever be taken as a negative. It’s a song that, much like the title would suggest, invites you to go deeper with each listen, with every cycle of the song revealing something you felt you missed the first time. ‘Go Deeper’ weaves itself so finely that you can be forgiven for getting trapped in its silken web; my honest advice is to let yourself be trapped in the dreamscape that Urbani has created, the wormhole of unadulterated smart synths and tight layered musicality. This is without even mentioning the lyrics, which really do speak for themselves, take ‘How much violence can silence create?’ and try and tell me it’s not razor sharp. It’s nothing short of a masterpiece and whilst it’s only June, I can already sense a favourite single of the year in this one. Yes, you read right, that’s how bloody brilliant this is.

The self directed video accompaniment works in perfect synchronicity the with Urbani’s sound, it’s actually like Urbani somehow managed to perfectly capture the sound and construe it onto a visual platform. There’s a delicious and captivating juxtaposition of crystal clear ultra-reality images amidst shrouds of blurred and distorted shots of Urbani’s dancing figure. The meticulous way in which the video goes hand in hand with the audio is impressive to say the least. The video is like an extension of the song, a living and moving piece of visual art that reveals more about the song when they’re paired. The video and the single itself are tightly woven together and appear to react to each other, fluid and viscous, in a way that seems impossible.

Call me biased, call me exaggerative, Call Me Maybe™ in the words of the great Carly Slay, but this is a delightfully smart track that has longevity carefully hand sewn into every measure. Samantha Urbani, you incredible and immeasurably talented goddess, I salute you.