Interview: The Sherlocks @ Y Not – 30/07/16

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After a year of constant gigging and writing, The Sherlocks return to Y Not, this time to an eagerly awaiting swarm of fans. We’re sitting with all four band members in a small shed behind The Quarry stage, where they’re waiting to perform. We settle in for a chat about brothers, girls and growing up in Sheffield.

Hi, The Sherlocks! How’s Y Not going for you so far?

It’s good. We haven’t been here too long, about 2 hours, we’ve been maxin’, relaxin’.

How would you summarise yourselves for readers who haven’t heard you yet?

It’s a big sound, quite anthemy as well as catchy. It’s just huge, stadium-esque. It’s a big sound. A sound meant for arenas.

So is this your dressing room?

Yeah this is it. It’s an actual shed. We’ve got a crate of Fosters though so that’s all we need!

Cheers! You’re performing just out there on the Quarry stage in a bit, are you looking forward to it?

Yeah, we were here last year on a smaller stage, The Allotment. It was packed, I don’t want to say we were expecting the same this year, we still worried that no one would turn up.

Well this year, they sold 25 thousand tickets compared to 18 thousand last year, is it scarier coming back to a bigger audience, now more people know who you are?

I think we’re just excited, extra pumped for it!

Are there any other festivals you’ve got lined up?

Well we’ve got Kendall Calling tomorrow, we’re not stopping for long. Then we’re heading to Reading and Leeds!

Are you going to try and catch any other bands before you leave?

Well we’ll probably have a wander, Circa Waves start just as we finish and The Pretty Vicious, we’ll probably watch them. We’re not watching Noel [Gallagher’s High Flying Birds] because we’ll probably watch him tomorrow at Kendall, we’ll catch up with him there.

You’re two sets of brothers, do you all get on together or do you have sibling rivalry?

Actually we all get on well, we’re like four brothers. It’s fun.

Do you all hang out in your spare time?

We’re always working, we don’t have any spare time! We spend a lot of time with each other but when we’re not gigging or on tour, we just do our own thing because we’re together every day.

Do you wingman each other or is it a competition for the girls?

Not really, no one gets any girls. No haha. Andy [the bassist] attracts them all over and we try and steal them off him!

You’re from Sheffield, how has that influenced your sound? You’ve been compared to early Arctic Monkeys, is that a complement?

We think that’s a massive complement! We always take it as a positive. Arctic Monkeys are massive aren’t they? Sheffield probably influences our sound, we’ve all grown up listening to bands like Arctic Monkeys. We used to listen to The Kooks, The Libertines, whatever our dads listened to. Now we’ve got to know more bands through working in the industry we listen to all of them. We’re open to any genre now.

Have you got any new songs coming out, we can’t wait to hear more?

Yes, but we can’t tell you just yet! We’re working on our first album, looking at track listing and stuff like that, we’ve got lots of material already. We’re writing the greatest debut album of all time, we’ve been writing it for years. Writing loads of songs, it’s tempting to just put them all on the first album but we’ve got them stored up to keep ticking over.

Do you write the songs together or do you split up and work alone?

Kieran tends to write the songs, but we all add our own little bits to it, personal twists.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention to our readers?

We’re going on tour in September! We’re in Nottingham, is that far from you? You should come and see us!

We will! Thanks for meeting us, good luck with the set!

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By Anna Barnard Wright (@HalfBIoodAnna)

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