Interview: Ghostpoet @ Standon Calling – 30/07/16

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Back in the dream world of Standon Calling, I was lucky enough to interview Ghostpoet with my pal Joel. We talked about the dire state of Liverpool FC, and his dive into the world of photography.

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Joel: So is this your first Standon Calling?

Yes. Uhh, maybe – not sure. Could have been here before…

J: Have you seen anyone’s set yet?

I haven’t seen any gigs, no – just wondered around trying to find food, and there’s sound in the background.

If you could pick your ideal festival line up, who would be on it?

I would… leave it to people in the public to decide. I’d give it to public vote, and they can choose who they want. If I don’t like them, I wouldn’t turn up.

J: Should we trust the public?

Yes – we are the public. Us three here are the public. The public are cool.

J: I’ve heard you’re a Liverpool fan – me too.

We’re in problems now aren’t we? We’ve got a goalkeeper who’s gonna be number one who’s gonna be out for 6 to 8 weeks, we’ve got Gomez out for whenever, Sakho sent home, Matip is touch and go, Grujić who’s just come in is out with concussion. It’s not looking good! So hopefully by the time season starts it’ll have turned around, we’ll see.

Do you get time to chill out and watch football on tour?

Depends really – just depends on time schedules. If there’s time, then I try to.

I also heard you’re into photography, do you still use film?

I was just thinking where’s my camera, it’s in the van. Yeah, I was into film cameras for a while, but the trouble is – expensive. You get back a roll and there’s only 2 or 3 shots I like, so I switched to digital and I’ve been doing that for a bit. I’ve still got a nice film camera but I don’t really use it much, mainly digital.

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Would you take photos here? The set up’s pretty cool.

Yeah, I guess. Festivals are cool, it’s just a bit same-y. Depends on the festival, but the characters you find in there are… not that inspiring.

So you do portraits?

I like street photography, I still need to develop it and I don’t have the confidence yet. To get amazing shots you sometimes have to be completely fearless, and I don’t think I am. That takes time to develop, I guess, so I’m trying to do that.

It’s interesting, as a performer you must have built up a lot of stage confidence.

Yeah, it’s a different field. I have enough to get on stage, but taking photography is completely different. I like just capturing snapshots of life, it’s nice.

The artwork for Shedding Skin is actually a blood cell – did you come up with that idea?

Yeah, that was my own blood cell. It’s the boring thing of having yourself on the artwork, but I didn’t just want it to be a photo. So I thought, how can I be on the record without being on record, in terms of facially. So yeah I just did that – we researched it and started to look into stuff like skin cells, and they’re paintings in themselves, you know?

I think it looks a bit like an aerial shot of a landscape, I love it.

Thanks, yeah on the CD we’ve made it into a map – it looks like an island. You know how on old maps you get the measurements and stuff like that? We’ve made it so it looks like that.

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By Ellie Koepke – (@elliekoepke)

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