Interview: Everything Everything @ Standon Calling – 30/07/16

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We chatted with Jeremy Pritchard and Alex Robertshaw of Everything Everything at Standon Calling, and discussed their favourite bands of new and old, from math jazz to the Bee Gees.

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This isn’t your first time at Standon Calling, what do you think of it as a festival?

Jeremy: Well I have very fond memories of being here last time, ‘cause it was our first one, playing to nobody. I’ve had a little wander around today, it’s a really nice mix of people as well – lots of kids here, teens and twenties, lots of mums and dads as well. Festivals are much more across the board now I think, this is a good one for that.

Have you been able to see anyone today?

J: Not yet, but I do want to see Blossoms, and maybe Jess Glynne later as well.

Alex: Side stage for Natty was great.

Joel: You’ve got an hour slot and 3 albums, what can we expect from the set?

J: Most of the new album, all the songs people may or may not know.

A: A lot of it is the new record, generally just singles – it’s the power hour.

J: It’s quite gratifying actually, just to play the most basic material – not the most basic but the best known at festivals, and it always reacts best when we do. It leaves the other material for our own tours when we’ve got a bit more lighting and whatever – but equally it’s fun just to do an hour of party tunes as well.

Your last album was so well received, a lot of people love the singles.

J: Yeah, I think the recent singles from that album seem to go down incredibly well at festivals, it’ll be enjoyable.

What kind of bands are you currently listening to?

A: I’m listening to a lot of dance music, there’s a guy called Mr Fingers, late 80s – his album called Amnesia

J: And the new Aphex Twin.

A: There’s a lot of great bands about. Whilst we were in America recently we were listening to a lot by a band called Reptar, who are an American band and they’re really interesting.

J: I’ve been really into a band that Alex got me into, actually, called Dawn of Midi, just really really academic math jazz – it’s strictly for the heads! I put it on at home and my girlfriend was like ‘This is awful’, and I was like ‘No this is amazing!’ A minute and a half of just [midi drum beat clapping]. So good.

If there was one musical decade you could go back to, would it be 80s?

A: I think late 80s, early 90s – but be older than I was.

J: When we were kids in the 90s, the 80s was impossibly uncool. Now I look at it and think it was a really rich period. 70s again is a massively rich period… All decades are as good as each other, if you look below the surface there’s always great music, all the time. It just takes a while for it to distill itself.

Is there an old band that you’d love to see live that aren’t around anymore?

J: The Beatles, Nirvana – all the obvious ones really.

A: Frank Zappa.

What’s an album you wish you’d written?

J: Hmmm… there are so many! All of our favourites, I guess. The nice thing about being in a band and enjoying it is that you feel quite satisfied by that…

A: Queen, Greatest Hits No.2

J: Greatest Hits No.1 is the one!

Yeah, go for Thriller or something – get the money in!

J: Yeah, that would be quite lucrative…

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If you could pick your dream festival bill, who would be on it?

J: Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Nirvana –

A: Deerhoof.

J: Dawn of Midi, Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin.

A: John Hopkins, Everything Everything…

Joel: Where do you place yourselves on the bill?

J: We would fuck up the change over, and get the red card, basically. We wouldn’t actually play.

A: We’re the stage crew!

What’s a band that people might not expect you to like?

J: John loves 10cc – although he says he loves 10cc, but actually –

A: He loves the Bee Gees. Some of the really old stuff as well.

J: Not well known stuff, he likes 80s Bee Gees. I still find that unexpected. But I think we’ve set out our stall in quite a broad way, so I don’t think anyone’s ever that surprised by us.

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