GoldLink @ Heaven – 7/6/17

In Live Reviews by Jess Lumb

GoldLink’s sold-out Heaven headline show was a celebration of the US rapper’s fine back catalogue and ever-growing place in contemporary hip-hop.

Support came from Ireland’s Hare Squead – previous GoldLink collaborators – that brought a sense of spirit to an already fervent crowd. A crowd vastly familiar with their work at that, ‘Long Way To Go’ brought out the smoothest Soulection-esque sounds, whereas ‘Loco’ saw the grittier side performed with perfectly energetic aggression.

An earlier DJ set beforehand playing everything from Kendrick to Giggs hyped the audience for the evening ahead.

The night’s headliner GoldLink nonchalantly exuded both effortlessness and unparalleled enthusiasm as he took to Heaven’s underground. With the crowd erupting in dance for ‘Dark Skin Women’ just a few songs in, it was clear that GoldLink had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

From ‘Fall In Love’ to ‘Rough Soul’, the singles and their ability to occupy the bones of the moving crowd infectiously were the evening’s highlight – a romantic, coastal soul spreading through the crowd adoringly. At What Cost’s new cut ‘Summatime’ received worthy response, generating a vibe indistinguishable from earlier loved tracks. Hotly anticipated ‘Palm Trees’ from 2015 mixtape And After That, We Didn’t Talk took us from Charing Cross to California, idyllically describing a summer romance.

Perhaps one of the evening’s most unforgettable moments was Masego’s surprise appearance for ‘Late Night’. First, flawless vocals took us through the hook before impressive saxophone playing made Masego become truly mesmerising. He was treated too, with a birthday wish from GoldLink and his crowd, proving a touching moment for the friends. The collaborations didn’t stop there, as Hare Squead joined GoldLink on stage for ‘Herside Story’ before friends and collaborators aptly occupied the full stage for ‘Crew’.

Tirelessly executing each and every fast-paced verse while occupying the stage with enviable vigour, it was clear that Goldlink is carving his own sound in hip-hop while garnering huge acclaim, and having an awful lot of fun doing it.

Words by Jess Lumb
Photos by Sam Wilson (@sam__wilson)