Circus Wolves return with new track ‘Judas’ ahead of this weekend’s homecoming gig

In Single Reviews by Liam Arrow-Smith

After debuting as Plastic Rabbits, and then releasing an EP in 2015 as Circus Wolves, the Manchester indie- rockers return to the music scene for another shot, releasing their new single Judas.

It’s been a long time since the release of their debut EP Annie Baby, but Circus Wolves are ready to burst back onto the scene. Gearing up for their gig at Gullivers in their hometown of Manchester this weekend, the quintet return with their driven new single, Judas.

From its opening chords, it’s an easily likeable track, and a solid lead single for a band trying to reinvigorate a career that looked to have been lost to nine- to- five jobs. Frontman Guy Davies flaunts his remarkable vocal ability, leading the verse with a low tone that evokes wisdom and weariness. This is accompanied by guitars aspiring to fill stadiums, before listing effortlessly into tender falsetto harmonies.

Thankfully, the group have managed to break free of the ever persistent current that is ‘real life’ and return to music, breathing a bit of excitement into a genre growing stale. Guitar rock has become so dominated with unremarkable sound-alikes and those desperate to be the next ‘BBC Sound of’. Circus Wolves are a breath of fresh air and a gentle reminder that sometimes you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to sound interesting.

There’s nothing ground-breaking about the song. It keeps away from the politically fired territory of Cabbage, or the 80s synth- inspiration of Blossoms, that so many try to emulate. Instead, it calls upon the early years of Kings of Leon or The Killers for inspiration, whilst masterfully curating its own sound that will please those yearning for a good indie rock band to get behind.