Baby in Vain exercise restraint with moody new track ‘Low Life’

In Single Reviews, Slider Posts by Rachel Chandler

From Baby in Vain, a band at the very top of my ‘ones to watch’ list, comes a very capable and promising track. Whilst I detest using the word ‘promising’, because nowadays nearly everyone is promising, it really has got potential, beginning to show just how multi-faceted this dynamic trio can be.

Low Life builds greatly, but is unafraid to meander, with a wonderfully melodic plodding guitar anchoring the track. This shift towards a much slower pace shows great control and calculated production; to allow a track to chug along without feeling confused or cumbersome is a skill that far more experienced – and I use that term loosely -artists often struggle with.

The lazy, drawling vocals compliment the lumbering pace of the song greatly. It’s sound will completely soar in a live venue; you can imagine it electrifying the room particularly in the later section where quite unexpectedly, we receive a rather jazzy horns section. Unexpected yes, but unwelcome it is certainly not. There’s a palpability to the glittering synth like sounds underlying the chorus, sounding inherently anthemic.

It’s an interesting track especially when taken in the larger context of the previous Baby in Vain work, which feels far more punk and generally anarchic. Two tracks that embody this best are ‘To Heaven and Back’, the punchy little track from late May of this year, and April’s ‘Transcendent’, which has incredible drive and a tumultuous rhythm to grapple with.

Low Life sees a marginally softer side to the trio from Denmark, but this isn’t to say the track doesn’t have the discernible bite that’s become somewhat of a staple for this band. Baby in Vain certainly do have teeth and be careful, they might just sink themselves into you, just as they have me.