Loz Campbell’s ‘Green Eyes’ is a folk-rock tour-de-force

In Album Reviews by Jess Lumb



On her debut album Green Eyes, Loz Campbell hones in on her sound’s inherent essence of folk-rock. Having toured her local festival circuit and gig scene for a few years now, Loz Campbell is matured beyond her years and her music is no exception. A bluesy voice carried with a sultry sense of maturity over gritty guitars and howling bass, the album tackles personal narratives – albeit somewhat cryptic – executed with confidence and sophistication.

First up, the title track is a steady tempo slow burner – moody and brooding, it introduces us to the tone of the collective tracks that follow. ‘My Motivation’ is self-assured, played out with utmost nonchalance while ‘Headcase’ sees Loz exercise her brash, angry side with thrashing guitars accompanying her soft-as-ever vocal. ‘New York Took A Piece Of My Heart’ is an ambient ode to NYC but it’s ‘Chemical Chocolate’ that’s sound truly nods to Americana.




A consistent album that cement’s Loz’s style and potential, ‘Green Eyes’ is authentically timeless.

‘Green Eyes’ is available to listen to on Bandcamp below: